Why Microsoft Azure public cloud Management services with SquareNet?

Give your business the power of Microsoft Azure public cloud. Build, deploy and run apps quickly with direct access to your Azure environment for improved flexibility, with automated pay per usage cloud billing.

Quality Service and Support – 24X7X365

Our support team, including our team of cloud experts, is available, accountable and answerable 24X7 and will take pro-active actions to manage your cloud systems.

Automated Cloud Provisioning and running

Get automation and management in terms of configuration, auto-scaling, monitoring, user access, script execution, and more.

Completely seamless management

Smooth end to end management of your cloud infrastructure, operations and billing through your SoftLayer account.

Reduced costs of administration

Automation, monitoring and resource forecasting can help you in reducing administrative costs associated with cloud infrastructure management.

Cloud Infrastructure Management Service Provider

SquareNet deliver unbiased guidance on best-fit cloud solutions to organizations around the globe with manage service of, Microsoft’s Azure, Public cloud storage, reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services, Server Management, Dedicated VPS Hosting.

Let us architect your SoftLayer Cloud
  • Depending upon your defined business requirements, we will leverage SoftLayer to architecture your cloud infrastructure so that:
  • Your computing infrastructure will only be used when required.
  • Resources are released once the specific job is done.
  • Scalability is taken care of as per the application's resource requirements.
Define requirement & get assisted migration to SoftLayer Cloud Infrastructure
  • The technical experts at SquareNet will work with you to create a managed services plan to meet your exact business requirements. These experts will also help migrate you to SoftLayer Cloud Infrastructure. The support team will also work alongside technical team so that right assistance can be provided at the right time. Your plan will outline:
  • Accountability for all your cloud components.
  • Complete migration assistance of your data and apps to SoftLayer Cloud.
  • TAT for events and issues management.
  • Customized escalation routes depending upon issue severity.
  • Tracking cloud systems performance and associated costs.
Implement procedures & manage systems
  • Our engineers will manage, automate and secure your cloud operations depending upon your management requirements to help you derive maximum efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum. This will include:
  • Proper documentation outlining specific needs of the clients.
  • Implementation of systems' monitoring including performance, security and SLA.
  • Setting up procedures per defined escalation policies.
  • Automation for zero error and cost control.
Optimize your IT environment
  • We can help you optimize your cloud and IT environment by implementing an unbreakable cycle of monitoring and reporting so as to maximize the performance and efficiency of your IT systems while taking care to keep your costs to a minimum. This will help you to:
  • Get visibility into your systems with reports and maintain transparency in operations.
  • Optimize resources, utilize them better and reduce costs.
  • Employ DR methods, get assisted failover and thereby minimize downtime and be armed in case of any unforeseen events.
  • Minimize manual errors with increased automation.

The best computing power to build, deploy and run apps

We cares about the environment. We ensure everything about our business operations are conducted in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Monitoring and reporting

In addition to setting up, configuring and managing your cloud, we’ll provide you with round the clock monitoring of cloud systems and report logs.

Link with hybrid Cloud

Get best of cloud environment by linking SoftLayer's cloud with other public and private clouds for global outreach, DR and enhanced performance.

High speed interconnection

Get high-speed network connection between your SoftLayer cloud and the data centers.

Updates and patching

Complete security of your systems with automated updates and patching of your OS in SoftLayer environment.

Security management

Security compliance policies are adhered to and get help in devising new policies or customizing the existing ones.

Complete Migration assistance

Get complete migration assistance of your data and apps to SoftLayer cloud infrastructure by SquareNet.

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