Cloud computing, designed for developers.

With Intuitive cloud management, secure servers and global private networks, SquareNet enables growth, availability and compliance for any organisation.

Industry leading NodeFirst support

SquareNet's technically apt support team will be available, accountable and answerable and will take pro-active actions to maintain your cloud and rectify the issues.

Cost effectiveness & resource forecasting

SquareNet can help you in forecasting your resource requirement, reducing costs and thus helping you to better formulate your budget across regions and instance types.

Visibility with monitoring & reporting

When your AWS is up and running, SquareNet can also provide reporting of your AWS accounts as per your customization - user wise, application wise, venture wise and more.

Security with smart governance

Get complete IT portfolio management, including public, private, hybrid clouds and virtualized environments, ensuring proper user access, compliance and security of your data.

Seamlessly manage your infrastructure

Through strategic partnerships with data center experts around the world we have a global footprint with 25 regions across five continents.

Deploy in seconds
  • Spin up a Droplet and get root access to a compute instance in only 55 seconds.
SSD performance
  • The first and only all-SSD cloud. Whether it's our Droplet compute instances or Block Storage, everything runs on SSD.
Simple API
  • An intuitive API and command line utilities allow you to run large-scale production workloads.
Highly available storage
  • Never run out of space with the ability to attach multiple highly available volumes up to 16TB to a Droplet.
Lightning fast network
  • Each hypervisor has a fault tolerant and redundant 40Gbps network to ensure uptime and throughput.
Teams work together
  • Easily manage your cloud with your team by inviting others and setting access permissions.
Load balancing as a service
  • Load Balancers are a fully managed service that work right out of the box and distribute incoming traffic to increase your application's availability.
Monitoring and alerting
  • Collect metrics, monitor performance, and receive alerts to optimize your application performance – at no additional cost.
Pre-built open source apps
  • Get straight to deploying your code using one of our pre-built images supporting Docker, Node.js, Rails, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, and many more.

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