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SquareNet today provides the critical Web identity, authentication, hosting & transaction infrastructure that online Businesses need to establish their web identities:


Enterprise Solutions

SquareNet is a leading provider of managed dedicated hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes. We have a proven track record with over a decade of experience in providing hosting and managed services. We service over millions customers across 5 data centers for hosting, dedicated hosting, and exchange.

In past few years, Square Net Solutions has helped over hundreds of Small & Big Hosting Companies to build & run their Hosting Operations, thousands of Individual & Small Businesses to setup their online presence & have trained and given the best talented technical people to this Industry.

Our Customers have always loved our friendly, fast & effective support system. Whether you need to register a domain name or wish to set up a load balancing cluster of servers, Square Net Solutions has an Internet solution to meet your every requirement.


In addition to sponsoring the Environmental policy, we also:

The company also allows most of its team members to telecommute, uses little paper, and encourages the use of notebook computers to conserve electricity.


  • Recycle the vast majority of our office waste in office area.
  • Use the latest, energy efficient servers in our data centers, reducing power equirements
  • Use eco-friendly air conditioning systems in our offices and data centers
  • Use eco-friendly workstations / monitors in our offices
  • Use energy saving bulbs in our offices