Linux VPS Hosting Features

From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, We provides your complete web hosting solution.

Semi-Managed service

All our VPS hosting packages come with Semi-Managed service where we will install softwares, modules or scripts for the client. We will handle hardware, operating system and basic configuration issues with your VPS server.

Sign up and be online in minutes

Our setups are automated as long as you're enrolled in Verified by Visa or the Mastercard Securecard program. Just signup now and within 10 minutes you can have your new cloud server online.

Choice of Control Panel

We give you the option of choosing no control panel or choosing from cPanel, Kloxo, Webmin, DirectAdmin or Plesk. cPanel comes with full vps management where we will monitor and manage the VPS for you.

24/7 tech support

We're here to help. Our technical support team is available by phone and e-mail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer questions and help you make the most of your package.

Our Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

This is more than just a one-time scan. Protect your Website while growing your business.

VPS Bronze

Rs. 999 / mo
  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Centos 6.3 64 bit
  • Exim Mail Server
  • Free Setup
  • 1 IP
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VPS Silver

Rs. 1999 / mo
  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Centos 6.3 64 bit
  • Exim Mail Server
  • Free Setup
  • 1 IP
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VPS Gold

Rs. 3499/ mo
  • 100 GB Disk Space
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Centos 6.3 64 bit
  • Exim Mail Server
  • Free Setup
  • 1 IP
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VPS Enterprise

Rs. 4999 / mo
  • 100 GB Disk Space
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Centos 6.3 64 bit
  • Exim Mail Server
  • Free Setup
  • 1 IP
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Our plans Included

  • SSL Certificate

    Secure Socket layer (SSL) is a global standard security technology that safeguards the integrity and privacy of the complete data that is being transmitted in a specific web session. Website's that have an SSL certificate have higher conversion rates of their online visitors and are able to generate additional revenue with the help of the trust that comes along with the security padlock display on the website.

    Malware Scanning

    StopTheHacker- Enterprise Malware Scanning Services: We provides free malware monitoring services powered by StopTheHacker; enabling web hosters, website owners, administrators and web designers to detect malware and recover sites from damaging malware attacks. This service is included as standard with the free SSL Certificate that we provides to Dedicated Servers customers on quarterly billing.

  • Phishing Compromise Alert

    We provides its Dedicated Servers customers with free 'Phishing Compromise Alert' service powered by Netcraft. Cyber-criminals use your website to host their phishing attack pages by exploiting the vulnerabilities on your web server. This service is included as standard with the free SSL Certificate that we provides to Dedicated Servers customers on quarterly billing.

    Smart Mail Bundle

    We provides complete and full featured smarter tools package of professional editions with feature-rich customer service application, a collaborative mail server and a detailed Web analytics with free of cost. The free package includes following tools:
    1. SmarterMail Professional Edition 250 Mailboxes
    2. SmarterStats Professional Edition 50 Sites
    3. SmarterTrack Professional Edition 2 Agents

  • Horde Enterprise mail

    Bundled with your Dedicated Servers are enterprise email systems that give you web based access to your professional email accounts on the move.
    Clients have 3 great choices to choose from: Horde, Squirellmail, and Roundcube; all of which provide them with powerful tools to manage and maintain their emails:
    1. Simple and painless email creation/modification/deletion
    2. Automatic mail client configuration for Outlook and
    3. Email filtering
    4. Email delivery tracking
    5. Password Modification
    6. Ability to create and modify Auto Responders
    7. Multiple layers of spam checking

  • Whmcs

    We offers WHMCS a complete automation & billing software support in managing domain setup which have multiple award winning features such as:
    1. Automate everything from Account Provisioning to Domain Management to Email Reminders and lots more.
    2. Buy, transfer, renew and manage domains in real-time without ever leaving your website - all transparently .
    3. Multiple currencies, auto exchange rates syncing, up to 2 levels of tax rules and a fully multilingual client area .
    4. Built-in Support Tools including Announcements, Knowledgebase & a Fully Featured Support Ticket System
    If a client needs to purchase it then Squarenet is here to help you at all levels right from purchasing to domain setup and installation settings � means complete integration of billing software & ticket control panel with your brand.

  • Website Panel

    WebsitePanel is a windows hosting control panel that allows an individual to manage his variety of hosted services on a single platform having complete control of his server. There are numerous functionalities with its easy to use interface, understandability which an individual can manage from this panel like:
    1. Creating & Managing Domains
    2. Creating & Managing Databases
    3. Creating & Managing Email Accounts with various options like forwarding etc.
    4. Monitoring the bandwidth, disk space usage, CPU utilization, server resources etc.

  • Whm Control Panel

    cPanel or Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel is a robust tool that provides you with complete management of your Dedicated Servers account and the accounts created within, through a single pane of glass. We providers free cPanel or WHM control panel with all Dedicated Servers Packages along with several other comprehensive server side services and tools that enable you to manage multiple web sites for multiple clients easily.

    Z Panel

    ZPanel is a free and complete web hosting control panel for Microsoft� Windows� and POSIX (Linux, UNIX and MacOSX) based servers. ZPanel is written in PHP and uses several open-source (or freely available) software packages to provide a secure, web hosting system.

  • Parallels Plesk Panel

    The Parallels Plesk Panelis the mosteffective, flexible and secure web control panel& is a commercial web hosting automation software package allows a server administrator to set up new websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, and DNS entries through a web-based interface. The administrator can create client and site templates, which predetermine resource-allocation parameters for the domains and/or clients.Parallels Plesk Panel is the most. It delivers server-to-site protection against the widest variety of online threats. It�s some of the incomparable features are as:

    1. Widest Operating System Support of any Control Panel
    2. Better Server-to-Site Security, Built into the Core
    3. Reduce Support Costs with Secure Infrastructure
    4. various Add-ons like Parallels Plesk Panel Power Pack, Parallels Premium Antivirus, Parallels Web Presence Builder, Kaspersky Anti-Virus

  • Hosting Controller

    Hosting Controller control panel is a cloud hosting automation solution for web hosts and cloud based service providers. It allows them to manage both Windows & Linux servers simultaneously as part of a single cluster.
    In addition to shared hosts, HC offers a full solution suite for hosted Enterprise Applications creating a shared multi-tenant environment for automatic provisioning of Exchange 2007/2010 and 2013, BlackBerry, SharePoint, Lync and Dynamics CRM.

    Domain Reseller Account

    As Squarenet Solutions VPS customer, you will get a Free Squarenet Domain Name Reseller Account that provides you with the lowest domain prices in the industry (guaranteed!) so that you can generate maximum revenue from your overall hosting business. With .COM available to you for just Rs. 558, and other 70+ TLDs at equally competitive prices, you can be assured of industry-best monetary benefits.

why SquareNet Servers?

  • Server Monitoring

    Monitoring of Critical Websites and Services is done at 60 second intervals. Our team responds and proactively resolves the issue for you.

    Secure & Reliable Data Centres

    In the highly unlikely event of a disk failure, this means your Dedicated Server will continue to operate normally.

    24/7/365 Expert Support

    Our entire team is located in the India. Every technician is highly trained, fully certified, and eager to assist you. Your satisfaction is our goal.

  • Premium Hardware

    We don't cut corners with our hardware. Get high-end branded servers with the latest Dell PowerEdge and Intel technology.

    99.99% Uptime SLA

    Our service level agreement includes a 99.99% uptime guarantee for your peace of mind.

    Free Migration

    If you want to move your Dedicated server from current host to Squarenet Solutions, we facilitate the migration .

  • 15�Days Money Back Guarantee

    If you are ever dissatisfied with our service, just let us know and we'll offer a 100% money-back refund for 15 days!

    Remote Backup

    Our Cron runs every night to keep a backup of all your website data file by file so as to safeguard it from getting lost or from being destroyed.

    Fully Managed

    We provides fully managed Dedicated servers and our Strong expertise in handling servers ensures that our customers do not need technical know-how to manage their servers.

  • No Hidden Cost

    Your Dedicated Server is set up completely free of charge, and you can pay monthly or yearly by debit or credit card. There are no lock-in contracts to worry about either.

    Proactive Maintenance

    Scheduled "hands-on" Administrator time guarantees updates are applied, system checks are done, and required maintenance is performed each month.

    Disaster Planning & Recovery

    Backups of your critical data isn't an upgrade, It's a requirement, and is included at no additional cost to you.

all plans Included

We cares about the environment. We ensure everything about our business operations are conducted in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

cPanel & WHM

The cPanel & WHM software package is an easy-to-use control panel that gives web hosts, and the website owners they serve, the ability to quickly and easily manage their servers and websites.

1 dedicated IP

A dedicated IP is a unique address dedicated exclusively to your single Site hosting account. This is a feature that is required if you wish to set up a dedicated SSL certificate.

Money-back guarantee

We stand by our quality and our commitment to customer service. As a new customer, we welcome you try any one of our Shared, Business, VPS, or Semi-Dedicated hosting services risk-free for a full 15 days. Should you decide to cancel your account within this initial 15 days for any reason, we will gladly provide you with a refund.

Low Cost SSL Certificate

We provide you with everything low-assurance SSL certificates up to the most advanced PKI and security solutions for your business and personal use. Build trust and confidence in your website with an SSL Certificate.

24/7 telephone, email support

We're here to help. Our technical support team is available by phone and e-mail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer questions and help you make the most of your 1&1 package.

24/7 network monitoring

We provide 24/7 network monitoring that will keep your network up and running smoothly and proactively spot potential problems, in most cases, before users are affected. Our certified engineers and technicians track all resources in the network and handle all maintenance associated with repairs and upgrades.

ASK A SPECIALIST If you need any Help Please Contact us we are available 24/7/365